Whitehaven store showcases Memphis business owners

ProGeny Marketplace at GWERC was created to highlight local entrepreneurs while helping keep the money in the community.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — While some businesses have talked about moving out of Whitehaven, a new one just opened on Thursday, March 28.

But it’s not your typical retail store. All the merchandise inside ProGeny Marketplace at GWERC comes from Whitehaven small businesses.

The goal of the Greater Whitehaven Economic Redevelopment Corporation, or GWERC is to help change the perception that Whitehaven is challenged by crime through community and business development.

GWERC teamed up with non-profit ProGeny Place to open a new store at 4466 Elvis Presley Boulevard.

Right now, about 20 entrepreneurs are part of the store. ProGeny Place CEO Rhonnie Brewer called it a streamlined shopping experience.

“It’s an opportunity for them to come, have a great, calm shopping experience. But really be able to have a vast amount of things they can choose from,” said Brewer.

GRWEC said this project was three years in the making. GWERC president Will Frazier said it was all worth it to help keep the money in the community.”

GWERC executive director Andre Gibson hopes the store will help boost Whitehaven’s economy and showcase the neighborhood in a positive light.

“We don’t believe that we’re creating a great community, we’re reviving a great community and we want to provide tools and options for small businesses and entrepreneurs to be able to contribute to that success,” said Gibson.

ProGeny Marketplace at GWERC is open 10am to 6pm Tuesday through Saturday. Any Whitehaven small businesses interested in getting their products in the store can reach out to GWERC or ProGeny Place.

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