UKDW Student-Made Application Wins 2nd Place in Business Plan Competition

Jakarta: Three students from the Information Systems Study Program (Prodi) at Duta Wacana Christian University (UKDW) Yogyakarta won second place at the 2020 Edutainer Nusantara Fair (ENF). .

Head of the Information Systems Study Program (Kaprodi) Jong Jek Siang revealed that the proposed business plan was entitled ‘Halopet: Android-Based Application as an Entrepreneurial Platform for Pet Care Intermediary Services’. This competition was attended by 60 teams from universities throughout Indonesia.

In the preliminary round last February-March, participants sent summaries business plan. Then, the groups that pass the preliminary round send a complete business planning proposal.
The selection of proposals, he said, was somewhat delayed due to the corona virus (covid-19) pandemic and the results were only announced on June 6 2020. The original plan was for finalists to be asked to present their proposals in front of the jury. However, due to the pandemic, each group was asked to make a 15 minute presentation video which was then assessed by three judges.

“At the beginning of July, we received an announcement that the team from UKDW had won 2nd place,” said Jong Jek Siang in a press release, Tuesday, July 7 2020.

He added that the Halopet application is the result of observations from three students regarding the gaps that occur in pet care. Many pet owners find it difficult to leave their pets when they are going on a long trip. Moreover, the costs incurred are quite large if you leave your pet at a veterinary clinic.

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Meanwhile, many animal-loving students have the ability and time to care for animals. This Halopet application brings together pet owners and caregivers. This principle is similar to motorbike taxi ordering services on line.

According to him, pet owners can entrust their beloved pets to animal lovers at a more affordable cost. Meanwhile, animal-loving students can care for them and earn money for their services. This application can filter the location of the animal owner, type of animal, and care time so that animal lovers can filter the information first before taking on an animal care job.

“Meanwhile, application managers earn profits which are calculated from a percentage of the cost of services provided by animal owners,” he said.

The three students who developed the Halopet application, namely Beni Mulia Tabarus (Chair), Nikolaus Aryawan Ravato Wijaya (Member) and Didimus Candra Gased (Member) attended the 2020 Edutainer Nusantara Fair (ENF) Committee in the Business Plan competition category last February. The three of them are students of the 2017 UKDW Information Systems Study Program.

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