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The United States Small Business Administration wants to help businesses grow in Indiana.

Dilawar Syed, the SBA’s Deputy Administrator, said the agency is working to create opportunities for small businesses by focusing on financing, tech innovation, and access to government contracts. Representing more than 33 million small businesses nationwide, the SBA is beginning to take an increased interest in emerging tech companies. Syed says tech entrepreneurs are born problem solvers and optimists, and the SBA is working with lenders to funnel more seed money to tech startups.

With small business investment research grants and seed funding, local, regional, and community banks are increasing their role with the SBA, and more money is reaching small business owners. Syed touts the $600 million in growth and working capital that has been lent in Indiana.

Another role of the SBA is coordinating government contracts to ensure minority and women-owned businesses can bid on contracts for large federal government projects such as road construction. “The SBA is in the business of creating opportunity,” Syed says.

Syed also discussed the 10 small business career centers located around Indiana, where entrepreneurs can have their business plans reviewed, get advice on applying for an SBA loan, sign up for mentoring, and more.

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