LAST TODAY, PT Jasa Marga Job Vacancies for Finance Assistant Position, These are the Requirements

TRIBUNPRIANGAN.COM – Tribuners, in the last few days of March 2024, many companies are opening lots of job vacancies, one of which is PT Jasa Marga (Persero).

For information, PT Jasa Marga (Persero) is an Indonesian State-Owned Enterprise or BUMN which has the main task of planning, building, operating and maintaining toll roads and their equipment so that toll roads can function as freeways which provide higher benefits than roads. general, not toll.

So, in this job vacancy, PT Jasa Marga is opening many vacancies for various majors.

Are you curious about the open positions, applicant qualifications and how to register? Following is the complete information.

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  1. Operations Management Assistant
  2. Engineering Assistant
  3. Legal and Compliance Assistant
  4. Finance Assistant
  5. Business Support Assistant
  6. Marketing and Communication Assistant
  7. Information Technology Assistant

Applicant Qualifications

1. Operations Management Assistant

– Job description :

  • Assist in planning, implementation, evaluation of programs and work unit budgets for the smooth implementation of programs in the field of toll transaction services and traffic management;
  • Carrying out problem inventory and analysis for recommendations for resolving technical problems and improving procedures, work instructions and forms in the field of toll transaction services and traffic management;
  • Providing innovation and development proposals to improve the quality of work programs and improve management systems in the field of toll transaction services and traffic management; And
  • Actively following developments in information and knowledge as well as company regulations to be able to carry out responsibilities properly and correctly.

– Qualifications:

General Needs:

  • Willing to take part in the Management Trainee program;
  • Willing to be placed anywhere;
  • Willing to undergo service bonds;
  • Having good communication skills;
  • Can work in team.

Special skill:

  • Have the ability to carry out data analysis and forecasting;
  • Understand statistics;
  • Have good observation skills;
  • Preferably familiar with AIMSUN/other traffic simulation software;
  • Can use Python and Google Collab programming (added value);
  • Understand knowledge related to operations management;
  • Proficient in using Excel applications or other database processing software (SQL/Power BI);
  • Customer focused.

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