BRI Finance and BRI Group distribute basic necessities in 26 cities

We strive to establish closer relationships with the surrounding community….

Jakarta (ANTARA) – PT BRI Multifinance Indonesia (BRI Finance) together with the BRI Group distributed assistance in the form of nine basic necessities (sembako) to the community in 26 BRI Finance work unit cities spread throughout Indonesia.

“In this blessed month, we are holding a series of social activities aimed at making a positive contribution to society, while strengthening our commitment to social and environmental responsibility,” said Risk Management Director Ari Prayuwana in a statement received in Jakarta, Sunday.

BRI Finance provides assistance to the Muhammadiyah Orphanage, Jakarta. Ari explained that this support was an important step in providing opportunities for orphaned and orphaned children to experience happiness and gain access to their basic needs in the “Sharing Happiness with BRI Group” program.

Furthermore, Ari also said that this program is a form of BRI Finance’s attention to communities around the company’s operational areas through the distribution of basic necessities and compensation to local communities.

“We are trying to establish closer relationships with the surrounding community, and help ease their burden in living their daily lives in this blessed month,” said Ari.

He said that the “Sharing Happiness with BRI Group” program is a form of BRI Finance’s commitment to making a sustainable contribution to helping people in need.

BRI Finance, he said, believes that sustainability is not only about running a business responsibly, but also about providing a positive impact on the surrounding environment and society as a whole, and as an implementation BRI Finance supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or Sustainable Development Goals (TPB ).

Ari hopes that the “Sharing Happiness with BRI Group” program will not only provide direct benefits for the communities receiving assistance, but will also inspire other parties to participate in efforts to build a better and more sustainable society.

“With cooperation and shared commitment, we believe that we can create positive change for the world around us,” said Ari.

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