Spark offers ‘mini MBA’ to boost AI for business

AI is also a key part of Spark’s latest business strategy.

Around 44 per cent of New Zealand businesses said they didn’t know enough about AI, with generative AI identified as the biggest digital technology gap.

“AI has the potential to boost productivity across every sector by re-imagining day-to-day processes – whether its improving the efficiency of existing processes, removing low-value manual tasks, or more advanced applications, such as automated road inspection, hazard detection , or monitoring the health of our environment,” Hodson said.

The mini MBA is led by Section CEO Greg Shove, who is also the founder of a new AI lab, Machine&Partners, and a former senior leader at Apple. The first session of the MBA in person will be in Auckland in May.

“We developed the AI ​​for Business mini-MBA to help leaders accelerate their businesses’ adoption of AI, and we’re so excited to be delivering this program to our first country-specific cohort in May,” Shove said.

Participants will also receive an eight-month Section membership, giving them access to over 100 strategies from global business leaders and video course lessons across AI, business, marketing and product.

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